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Festival of contemporary classics

About the project

This is the second Re:Formers Fest project that I participated in. My clients were Vitaly Vatulya and Maria Nemtsova, founders of the festival, world-class professional musicians and founders of the Music for Peace Project.
In the new identity for the concert tour, geometry, color and photographs come to the fore. The logo itself goes by the wayside, shifting the emphasis. In Internet banners for social networks, photos are left out, leaving only text and geometry.

Ignore safe area

It seemed interesting to me that the logo changes color and blends with the visual graphic composition, becoming part of it. So it becomes the cornerstone on which the whole structure rests.

In the headlines, we decided to get rid of the word «concert» and add a number to build a sequence. The only concert in St. Petersburg does not have a number in the title.


Of great complexity were the templates into which the design had to fit. These are first of all branded caps of the halls were the concerts took place. For example, in the case of the House of Music, we had a bold red line with other fonts and our design had to take into account its presence and not argue with it. No less difficult was the sudden increase in the number of partners and the conditions they had. For example, the company «Silver Rain» insisted on separation from the main partners.

Music for Peace
Михаил Комаров
Ноябрь 2019