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Castle Solis

Logo for the Montenegrin alcohol brand

About the project

Castle Solis is a wine brand of organic Montenegrin alcoholic beverages. The main product line consists of red and white wines, craft alcohol and Elixir Boros Ouros, made from 50 natural plant extracts.

The most difficult thing was to draw the correct expression. I did not want the face to be evil or stupid. I wanted to draw it more aloof and serene.

The project Castle Solis Wine Hub. A wine tasting ceremony is held daily in the Castle Solis fortress, during which professional sommeliers talk about our wines and craft alcohol, about the unique natural resources and centuries-old traditions of winemaking in Montenegro. This increases the visibility of the wine brand «Castle Solis», opens a high wine culture for visitors coming from different countries of the world and popularizes the products of the Castle Solis wine house.

Castle Solis
Михаил Комаров
Август 2017