Shape spectrum — 3000 бесплатных векторных фигур

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3000 geometric shapes are organized into groups based on visual properties.

Navigate through all types of shapes to create new ones more efficiently.

The world’s most complete system of geometric shapes

3000 shapes. From simple to complex

All shapes are created from basic geometric elements: round, rectangular, line, etc. There are both simple and complex shapes.

Shapes in groups, groups in files

Everything in files. Formats: AI, Figma, JPEG. Each format has the full number of forms. In the file, the forms are divided into groups.

Guides you through dozens of form types

There are so many shapes in the Spectrum that it becomes a map — allows you to see all directions.

Like a color wheel

Spectrum is a system, not just a set of patterns. It helps you find solutions, but it doesn’t dictate them.
Open the Spectrum files
and browse the shapes groups
Find directions
that are relevant to the task
Invent a new shape
based on the Spectrum

Types of groups

Combinations of one element

Combinations of several elements

Organization in a «gradient»

This is what one of the groups looks like

If you want to create forms that didn’t exist

Makes it easier to find fresh directions

In Spectrum, it’s easier to look for rare directions because all the shapes are organized into a system.

Helps avoid copying

Many shapes are already in the Spectrum. 3000 objects is more than we are capable of holding in our heads.

More convenient than references

Shapes can be copied and edited

Formats: AI, Figma, JPEG.

All in one system

But books, Behance, Pinterest and a dozen other sources are chaos.

It is clear how the shape is created

Each shape in the Spectrum has its structure preserved with all its fragments.

Geometry itself, not someone else’s work

Allows you not to accidentally plagiarize someone else’s work.

Try to invent in a new way

Guides you through all types of shapes • The world’s largest system of geometric shapes • Makes it easier to find fresh directions • Helps avoid copying • Like a color wheel

Shape Spectrum

Tim Lebedev
Author of Shape Spectrum
My name is Tim Lebedev, I am a designer. Contact me if you have thoughts about Spectrum or want to talk about another topic
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